Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It Is What It Is...

Three-hundred seconds. That's all it takes for your life to change. Three-hundred seconds. So much can happen in that five minutes of your life. You can get a bad grade on a test. You can open a mailbox to find that you've gotten into the college of your dreams. You can watch as a loved-ones life ends right before your eyes. You can fall and hurt yourself. You can win the lottery. You never know what's going to happen in those three-hundred seconds of your life.

But I had an okay week. Sure, I didn't do as well as expected to on a test in my history class. I got a 97, mixing up Capitalism and Socialism for one question. A single question. That probably was answered well within those three-hundred seconds. That's all it took to take away those three points. I'm angry about that test. It is what it is.

English was okay this week too. Sure, an 86 on an essay is fantastic for some people. But me? No. I'm very angry with my grade. Furious, even. I guess you could say that. But apparently my ideas weren't developed, even though I went through seven drafts to get that essay fully developed, and I really thought I had done well. Angry? Yes. I feel like I deserved more than an 86 on that essay, but that's what pisses me off about grading, really. It's all opinion. If a teacher doesn't like your topic, or agree with the points you make in an essay, they have the power to chill there and say; "86!" and you just have to deal with it, accept it, and use that to say; "Aright, fine then." in your next essay. It is what it is.

Science fair is tomorrow. I finished up the preparations for my display board and other things today. It looks okay considering I did it last minute. I don't really take it seriously, and I don't want to get into finals. It sucks up your life. I don't want it sucking up mine. That would suck. I'm hoping for a solid grade from my teacher, but I'm not wanting a solid grade from science horizons. I don't really care what they have to say. It is what it is.

I'm kind of in a lazy mood. I just want to go to sleep I guess.

It is what it is.