Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye, 2010

2010. It ends tonight. Today is the last day of the year, officially. But really, it doesn't feel all that different from any other day... ever. Tomorrow, the sun will rise. Tomorrow I'll be doing so much homework I can barely stay awake. I'll be fitting a vacations worth of homework into two days. Tomorrow won't be anything special, and to be honest, today isn't either.

Until I got a happy little event notification on facebook, I was blissfully unaware that tonight was New Years Eve... I thought that it was days away, but alas, I was wrong. Tonight is the last day of the year. I'll be at a party, like most people, watching the new year come as the ball drops in New York City. Want to know something cool? It's already tomorrow in Australia. The United States and Australia are in two different years at the moment. That's pretty cool.

But that got me thinking about a lot of things concerning time. According to Doctor Who, "People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect... but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly... timey-wimey... stuff." Which makes me wonder: If you were to have a baby in Australia at exactly midnight, and immediately take off on a flight towards JFK Airport in New York City with your new baby, wouldn't you be technically going back and putting your child in an alternate time? Twelve hours later, sitting in JFK airport you would turn to your child and say to them, "Now it's your birthday." How old would your child be considered?

Or how about this one: People talk about 2012 being catastrophic. "Oh no! The world is going to end!" and all of that crap. But which time zone are we talking about? If we're talking about December 21st, 2012 in Australia, that means it'll still be December 20th, 2012 in New York City. Well, that sucks, because then all the happy little New Yorkers got cheated out of a bit of life, didn't they?

However, if this is the case, is it correct to assume that people in Australia have been living for longer than we have? Technically, a child born at midnight on December 31st in Australia and a child born at midnight on December 31st in New York City would be born twelve hours apart. Now, relatively speaking, this isn't a great difference. But their birth certificates would read the same time, even if they were from two different locations.

Now let's think about hovercrafts. If one were in a hovercraft, hovering around, zooming to and fro, that would be awesome, would it not? However, would the hovercraft in question be crippled by the effects of our atmosphere? If it would, the hovercraft would move as the earth did, both around the sun and on the earth's axis. But, if the hovercraft was a true hovercraft, and if someone were to leave it sitting in his backyard for a full year, the hovercraft would seem to slowly move, and would at one point leave our atmosphere all together. That being said, 365 days later it would be back where it was.

See how much fun science can be? Hooray! I kind of wish that I was taking a science class this year. But more than that, I wish that my science teacher would be like Professor Zachary from Strange Days at Blake Holsey High. I just watched all of the series online (I used to watch it on Discovery Kids back in middle school, but I never finished it or found out what happened... I was curious.) I wish that Danbury High School was like that... It'd be so fantastic. Sure there'd be the occasional worm hole splurge, and the danger of using something from Pearadyme Industries, but... It's all in good fun, correct?

Well, I'm going to a New Years Eve party now. I'm quite happy to put this year behind me, but I'll list out my goals and all that schtuff tomorrow. After my homework, of course...

Loading 2011 ███████████████]99%

Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Off To Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance.

I have a slight obsession with things being perfect, like... perfectly perfect. PENCILS, WHY AREN'T YOU IN RAINBOW ORDER!!!???!!!??? Etc. Like, I don't understand why when you open a Crayola box, all of the colors are popping up in opposite corners of the freaking globe... You'd think, that the Crayola people would be all: "Of course we'll put them in rainbow order. That makes perfect sense!" But... again, that makes too much sense... Look:

Now, does that look like rainbow order to me? Because last time I checked, it went ROY G BIV, not orange, green, purple, another orange, yellow. But maybe I'm wrong, and the rainbow is screwed up like the rest of the world out there.

Right now I should be reading some of The Great Gatsby, but I find it more entertaining to be writing on my blog and schtuff. Also, I don't wanna... However, I could really go for a can of seltzer right now.

Which reminds me: Whenever I go out to like, lunch or something then I go order my drink, I'll be like "Can I have a club soda." and they just stare at me, like I'm some kind of Benjamin Button old person, I just happen to have the body of a sixteen year old. I like the taste of the bubbles in soda, just without all the crappy sugary crap that rots your teeth and makes you fat. Or something like that...

So, I've been watching this youtuber named Tobuscus. My friend Grace found him when we were looking at the Harry Potter trailer, and he does like literal trailers and stuff. He's absolutely hilarious. Pretty much everything that I love in comedy can be found on his channel. He's so blunt, and he does like, different voices and stuff. Jeese, he's funny.

And now it's time for some late night TV and club soda, and then off to bed with a good old book.

The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh I Love Birds!

Actually, I really don't. Anyone who knows me well... at all knows that I have like, the worst phobia of birds ever. It's called "Ornithophobia". It's actually really bad. I can see like, pictures of birds, but even videos creep me out, and if I actually see one, forget about it. I like, tense up. But that point aside, I wanted to tell everyone about the most amazing day I had yesterday, and then the epic dream that I had last night, not to mention the crazy amounts of... craziness that went along with the past little while.

So, yesterday was supposed to go like this: Go see Harry Potter 7a with one of my bestest friends in the whole world, Grace, and then I was supposed to have lunch with her and then go home and change and go to my friend Bella's party. Well, I feel bad, but I wasn't feeling all that great, and I wasn't in the mood to go to a party, really. Don't get me wrong, I love Bella to death, and if was her birthday, I would have gone, but... it wasn't her birthday. So I saw 7a, and then Grace and I walked to Applebees. Well, the waiter didn't like us apparently, because he decided to take his sweet time taking our drink order, and then our regular order. I'll call him Spinny Waiter Man, because he kept walking past us and spinning the menus on his finger, like some kind of elitest basketball player. I bet he sucks at basketball. He definitely sucked at waiting.

So once he finally decided to pay our table a visit, we ordered, and the food came pretty quickly. We then went back to Grace's house, where we watched part of the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family; you know, the one where they add in all the deleted scenes? I freaking love Harry Potter weekends. In addition I played some Call of Duty against her little brother, who liked to like, slice my throat... What a sweetheart.

Then, the coolest thing happened: Grace's mom wanted Grace to have a party, and Grace was like "Eh, Mom... You know how I hate having parties." and I offered to have the party at their house, because Grace's mom wanted to plan it and schtuff. So I'm having a party! Wahoo!

Well, by the time I was able to go home, it was like, close to nine, and my mom didn't want to come get me, so I just stayed there. It was nice in the basement, and I slept really, really well.

And that was when I had the most epic dream ever. It took place in Grace's house, and it was during a party, though I don't think it was my party... but whatever. I was in a room that is really the bathroom, but in my dream it was some random sitting area, and some girl that I don't like was talking, so I wasn't paying attention, and I was looking out the window. And that's when I saw a giant purple spaceship. Like, a huge freaking spaceship! You know in that Spyro game, where they have the flying saucers and the little bubble type things in the middle where the aliens live? Yeah, it was one of those, and it was purple.

So, I was like "Oh my god. Did anyone else just see that giant purple space ship?" And they're all like "Yeah, no big deal." But, obviously I thought it was a big deal, because I looked outside and there were hundreds of them, like that movie called like Skyline or something with the giant blue spaceships and the human vacuums? Yeah, it was like that, except they were just sitting there... all purple.

I then went downstairs, and my friends Chris and Louis were downstairs playing Call of Duty. I was like "Oh my God, guys, there's like, a hundred purple space ships outside taking over the planet." And they were like "Hold on, Siobhan, we're a little busy right now." And I was like "Guys, let's have some perspective... Giant. Purple. Spaceships." But they didn't really care.

So then my Mom came to pick me up and she was like "Come on, Siobhan, we packed up everything we own and we're going to Canada." And I was like "Aren't there purple space ships there too?" And she said no, because the Canadians love everyone, and the US always pokes into places where they shouldn't, including other universes. Then we had a random dance break, where the aim was to make a friend of mine jealous, because it's quite amusing when he's jealous.

Anyway, then there was something about trying to find my shoes and my friend Joe wearing them, and that was it!

Quite the exciting dream, wouldn't you say? Now I have to go write a memoir about Pokemon yellow. It's going to be a good one.