Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Off To Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance.

I have a slight obsession with things being perfect, like... perfectly perfect. PENCILS, WHY AREN'T YOU IN RAINBOW ORDER!!!???!!!??? Etc. Like, I don't understand why when you open a Crayola box, all of the colors are popping up in opposite corners of the freaking globe... You'd think, that the Crayola people would be all: "Of course we'll put them in rainbow order. That makes perfect sense!" But... again, that makes too much sense... Look:

Now, does that look like rainbow order to me? Because last time I checked, it went ROY G BIV, not orange, green, purple, another orange, yellow. But maybe I'm wrong, and the rainbow is screwed up like the rest of the world out there.

Right now I should be reading some of The Great Gatsby, but I find it more entertaining to be writing on my blog and schtuff. Also, I don't wanna... However, I could really go for a can of seltzer right now.

Which reminds me: Whenever I go out to like, lunch or something then I go order my drink, I'll be like "Can I have a club soda." and they just stare at me, like I'm some kind of Benjamin Button old person, I just happen to have the body of a sixteen year old. I like the taste of the bubbles in soda, just without all the crappy sugary crap that rots your teeth and makes you fat. Or something like that...

So, I've been watching this youtuber named Tobuscus. My friend Grace found him when we were looking at the Harry Potter trailer, and he does like literal trailers and stuff. He's absolutely hilarious. Pretty much everything that I love in comedy can be found on his channel. He's so blunt, and he does like, different voices and stuff. Jeese, he's funny.

And now it's time for some late night TV and club soda, and then off to bed with a good old book.

The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.