Saturday, March 6, 2010

Asakurii The Destroyer

Part 3: Nitashira of the Stream

Hello again.
It's been a while.
Or so I've heard.
Up here.
Are you ready?
To learn?
About Nitashira?
She is important
in Asakurii's tale.

Nitashira was born wealthy.
Very wealthy.
She was the daughter of Se-Tun
Leader of the Zoh Dynasty
A dynasty that has escaped
The mention
Of your school books.
But then again,
So has Asakurii.

When she was a child
She gave up her life
Of wealth and fame
To live among farmers
Learn what it was like
To be a peasant
Under her fathers rule.
Under his wrath,
His anger.

By a stream, she waited.
Waited for the end of Se-Tun
For his demise.
She waited,
For Asakurii
His plan
His wrath
His love.

They met by accident
A pull of the strings,
Of faith.
Or so they say.
She was collecting water.
He was herding Vetashi's cows.
A coincidence?
Maybe to them.
Not to the gods.

She attacked him
Afraid he was one
Of her fathers soldiers.
Instantaneous love
The kind you read about
In books.
But no books mention this love.
The tragic love
Of Asakurii and Nitashira.

"Your eyes?" She asked
One morning,
Collecting water of the spring.
"An act of faith." He replied.
"Much like our love." They kissed.
The kind of kiss that romances
Cannot describe
With justice.

"Will you have to leave me?"
Innocent eyes pleaded,
To go with him,
Aid him in his quest.
She could be a warrior.
A destroyer, like he was.
"No." He answered.
"You will never leave me.
We are meant to be together."

Two years later
They waited for their plan
To fall into action.
Asakurii had gained himself
A role in society
Under a pseudonym
Under Vetashi's name.
Se-Tun was unaware
That his doom was inevasible.

Se-Tun sat pretty
In his robes of Red and Gold
But unaware to him
Asakurii was revealing himself
To certain people
His identity was gaining followers
Powerful to Asakurii
Deadly to Se-Tun
Revolutionary for China.

Friday, March 5, 2010

A Feeling of Freezing

I legitimately am freezing. I'm so cold right now, it's ridiculous. Funny thing is, I've been cold nearly all week, and I didn't have a very good week. Coincidence? Possibly. Probability is highly doubtful.

I've spent the past two days formulating this blog post, trying to figure out every word that I was going to say, making my sentences in my head, and trying to figure out how I could write down some of this amazing speech without anyone asking what I was writing.

But all that aside, I've come on the computer to realize that I don't have the guts to even write any of those sentences. And now, I just feel like a coward.