Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Insider and The Pentacoth

We join the Insider and the Pentacoth on a Tuesday afternoon. They are having tea and enjoying each other's company and conversation.

Pentacoth: Hello there, Mr. Insider. Would you mind to pass the tea?
Insider: Just for you, Mr. Pentacoth. We have enough for three.
Pentacoth: For three? But Mr. Insider, there are but only two!
Insider: Oh-ho, Mr. Pentacoth. Extra will have to do.
Pentacoth: I see then, Mr. Insider. Sugar, honey, cream?
Insider: No thank you, Mr. Pentacoth, cream makes my insides scream.
Pentacoth: Oh does it, Mr. Insider? That's very sad to say.
Insider: Indeed, Mr. Pentacoth. Pass the cookies, if you may.
Pentacoth: What kind of cookies would you like, Mr. Insider, if you please?
Insider: Well, Mr. Pentacoth, not the kind with cheese.
Pentacoth: Be it blueberry, Mr. Insider, is that what you desire?
Insider: No thank you, Mr. Pentacoth. Blue sets my heart a fire.
Pentacoth: Chocolate then, Mr. Insider, could that be what you want?
Insider: Again no, Mr. Pentacoth, are you trying to taunt?
Pentacoth: Of course not Mr. Insider! How dare you that suggest!
Insider: Oh come now, Mr. Pentacoth, let me first digest.
Pentacoth: Your tone, Mr. Insider, very strict dare I say.
Insider: Indeed, Mr. Pentacoth, more tea, if you may.
Pentacoth: Of course, Mr. Insider, I'll pass it right along.
Insider: Why thank you, Mr. Pentacoth, just please don't take too long.
Pentacoth: Never, Mr. Insider. Must you go home soon?
Insider: Of course not, Mr. Pentacoth, 'tis Tuesday afternoon.