Saturday, February 20, 2010

Asakurii The Destroyer

Part 1: Ajurajukanesu

You have come,
To learn,
To understand,
What it means to be,
A warrior.
A destroyer.
A master of blade, fire, water and earth.
Who breathes the very flame within your heart.
You have come to the right place.

Our story begins in a temple.
A dojo, you could say.
The young hero you have come to study,
Resided here from the time he was three.
Abandoned by his parents,
To be raised by Chinese Monks,
His goals were soaring eagles,
His heart was pure and gold.
But his story has yet to be told.

Asa was strong,
He was not afraid to know it.
He had mastered the art of the sword,
By the time he was fourteen
Under the guidance
Of a rebel Chinese Monk.
"The man with three names".

Night after night,
Practice after practice,
Wound after wound,
Asa learned to master the sword.
His moves became flawless,
Sleek, unpredictable and wild.
Like his heart,
Like his mind,
Like his sword.

Ajurajukanesu was patient,
But for very little time.
As he grew older,
His patience depleted
Until there was close to none.
Asa tried,
To keep up with Ajurajukanesu's dangerous requests,
But fatigued and careless, he injured Ajurajukanesu.

A fatal wound,
An accident of fate,
Asa lie down with Ajurajukanesu.
"My son" he said "What have you done?"
Asa did not answer,
He was afraid of what he would say.
Emotions on high,
Adreneline pumping through his blood,
He stared at Ajurajukanesu.

"Asakurii." Ajurajukanesu said.
"Asa the Destroyer.
Once a master of the blade,
Guided by innocence and love,
Now blinded by passion and impatience.
You are a Destroyer.
Worst of our race.
Leave now, allow me to die.
Seal your fate."

Asakurii watched fearfully.
Ajurajukanesu's eyes drooped steadily.
His heart began to slow
And he let out a final breath,
Sweet and smooth.
Asakurii did not breathe until he knew.
He watched as Ajurajukanesu's soul traveled
Out his eyes, and into his sword,
Which glowed a fantastic red.

Asakurii watched.
The blade excited him
He could feel the possibilities.
He touched the blade,
Watching as the red color
Traveled up his arm and into his eyes.
He looked in the mirror,
Watching as the red engulfed his once brown eyes.
They glowed eerily, demonically, horribly.

He smiled a most evil smile,
Gripping the edge of his blade
With all of his strength.
The forced the tip of the blade into the mirror
Shattering his reflection
And his memories of happiness.
The red color still traveled through his blood,
Changing him.
He became Asakurii The Destroyer.