Saturday, February 13, 2010

Color Me Impressed

Well, not impressed, exactly. I'm quite proud, though. I wrote two songs today. One of which I posted. I think they're pretty good. The other one is about Valentines day. I'll post it on valentines day... quite obviously. I'm still not impressed... I should probably write a song about how pissed off I am at Valentines Day. It's a stupid holiday. I guess it's common to feel lonely on Valentines Day, though. It's fantastic. Not really. At least I'm not alone in being lonely.

And I've decided that I don't like Harry Potter movies anymore. They're irritating. All of them. I don't care which one it is.

Harry Potter One? Harry's a noob. Like, majorly. In every way. Nooooooooooooby. What a freeking loser. But as if that's not enough, he has to decide to be all "Noobishly heroic!" Oh freeking boy. Well, he gets Ron blown up by chess pieces, and then he gets a rock from a mirror, burns the skin of a turban wearing freak, and then faints when he gets Voldy through him. What a loser.

Harry Potter Two? Jeez Harry, ya didn't know you could talk to snakes? Anything else you don't know? Yeah. How about everything. "Follow the spiders"? What a freeking genius. Yeah, let's follow the man-eating spiders to try and prove our giant friend's innocence. Good job. Or you could just find the piece of paper in Hermione's hand. There's a thought. But no, always do things the hard way and end up fighting the enormous snake with a bird and a hat. Good job, Harry.

Harry Potter Three? Wow, way to not notice that Hermione can time travel. Doesn't take a retard to figure that one out... But, apparently it does, because Ron got it. The only good part about this one is that you find out Sirius is cool man. But before that you're all wimpy and like "NO, DON'T EAT ME DEMENTORS!" Yeah. Get a life, Harry. Stop hearing screaming women within your head and man-up. Were-wolves? Please. Hermione could take them with her eyes closed, and probably did. But you? Scream, run, okay.

Harry Potter Four? YOU LIAR YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE! What a jerk! Breaking the rules. Tsk, tsk, Harry. And then you have the nerve to deny it? Yeah okay. Sure it was the freak who escaped from Azkaban. Blame it on the convict. I see how it is. And Voldy? You were just asking for him to come back. You couldn't even keep away the freeking mermaids, or figure out the egg without someone's help. Brilliancy.

Harry Potter Five? Yeah, the only good part about this movie is the fact that Fudge goes "He's back!" at the end. And that Voldy goes "Gah!" while he's invading Harry's private thoughts. Nice one, Voldy. You get him. Beat 'em! And Bellatrix is my favorite. "I killed Sirius Black!" No kidding, we only watched you do it.

Harry Potter Six? "Here, professor! This'll make it better!" Liar. Don't give the potion to Dumbledore. What did he ever do to you? And you take that liquid luck stuff and end up drunk. That's lucky. But that's not all, you're also having mixed feelings about your best friends sister, because your sixteen year-old emotions are going bezerk. Too bad Daniel Radcliffe is like forty now. Puberty was a while ago... But no, you keep going, and your stupidity kills Dumbledore. At least Snape had a cool part. "I'm the half-blood prince! Peace" No battle, no nothing. What a waste of my time.

I guess I can't rant about the seventh movie yet... I'm really not all that impressed with these movies at all. The only thing I am impressed with is the recipe for Butterbeer that my friend found online. Not too shabby.

I think that's all? I had a pretty crappy day, actually.

I open at the close.