Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Asakurii The Destroyer

Part 2: Asakurii's New Aquaintance

You're still here?
Here to learn?
Learn to fear?
Fear the most fearsome,
The scariest,
The destroyer,
I guess you'll learn.
Learn to fear.

After Ajurajukanesu's tragic death,
Asakurii embraced his new name.
His new destiny.
His new life.
He was unafraid of the coming years,
As physically trying as they were,
He was a Destroyer.
He was The Destroyer.
He was Asa The Destroyer.

He spent the next ten years,
Locked up in a jail.
Tired, hungry and physically able
To break out at any time,
He waited.
Waiting for the right time.

Luck was in his favor,
That fateful day at Noturious Prison.
The day he waited no more.
The day he escaped.
A deadly rainstorm,
Fatal lightning,
Thunder cracks the size of the Great Wall,
Asakurii waited.
But he waited no more.

He ripped the chains,
Off the wall of his cell,
Smashing into the steel door.
Frightened guards had no idea,
No clue of Asakurii's strength.
Neither did he.
He killed many of them,
Grabbing his sword on the way out.
Freeing himself of the shackles of China.

He hid in seclusion for another five years,
Painfully secluded within a crevice in the Mountains.
Farmers passed by occasionally.
Herding livestock
Asakurii killed them.
Gaining up his strength.
Getting ready to emerge.
Emerge and take power.
Take power from those who shunned him.

One of these farmers.
A strong man,
Once a soldier for the dynasty,
Now a lowly farmer,
Trying to earn a living.
He passed by Asakurii's cave
With his livestock.
Asakurii attacked him,
Vetashi equally matched him.

"It seems we are at a draw, friend."
Vetashi's voice rang.
"Why do you attack, when it is so easy,
So easy to make acquaintance. To become aquatinted?"
He stood up,
Holding his hand down to the dirty Asakurii.
Asakurii accepted.
An act of faith

"Thank you, friend."
Asakurri responded.
"What is your name?"
Asked Vetashi.
He answered.
Vetashi did not notice,
Notice the meaning,
Of Asakurii's name.

Vetashi and Asakurii spent another two years plotting,
Soldiers of the dynasty,
Fed up with the way it was ruled.
Tired of a totalitarian society,
Ready for action,
Ready for battle,
Ready for a new leader,
Ready for Asakurii.