Saturday, October 9, 2010


I feel like I owe it to everyone to have a post with some real substance to it. Okay, maybe not to everyone, but to myself at least. Lately I've been kind of rambling on and on and on about what it'd be like to do this, or what TV show I'm watching. And how boring is that? Very boring in my opinion...

For starters, I'd just like to say that I'm anticipating NaNoWriMo greatly this year. I already have my plotline planned (For the most part. It's in my head, at least. I just need to write it down.) and I can't wait to get started. I have four of the characters named, but names are much easier than personalities. Daisy's personality is really hard to put on paper... She's like. Independent, but she knows she's right, and she'll do whatever she can to try and fix her mistakes.

I've been looking into chapter length, and with my 5000 word-a-day goal for November, It seems like I'll be having extra words. Which means that I'm going to need another plotline if I'm going to get to my 150K word goal. But maybe I shouldn't be aiming so high. I mean, I know for a fact that I need a bit under 1700 words a day to make it to 50000. And I've never done that, even though I can successfully write 1000 words in under twenty minutes. But I feel like aiming for something so high will just disappoint me further, especially when I haven't won NaNoWriMo before. But I'll look into extra plotlines anyway. Hopefully I'll have the first 50000 words written within ten days, but that seems unlikely.

I also need to consider the fact that I'll be trying to write a novel. Sure, writing is easy when you know what you're talking about. But half the time I have no idea where a chapter is going when I go to start it. Daisy jumps in the car. Where's she going, Siobhan? Oh, heck. I don't know... But she should probably get there pretty quick, otherwise a nuclear bomb might end up going off. Or something along those lines... Probably less dramatic than that.

I'm so worried that I'll have lost my writing focus by the time November comes. I have that problem a lot. Right now, I'm super pumped for NaNo. There's only twenty-two days left of planning, and then I jump right into that ridiculous literary abandon for thirty days. Ah! But what happens if I lose my moxie? If I lose that drive that's been pushing me to write a few thousand words a day for the past few days?

I suppose I shouldn't worry too much. If I like my plotline (And I really do. I mean, it's a tad bit cliche, but aren't all plotlines cliche? I feel like as long as I'm putting my heart into it, and as long as I know where I want to go with the story (Still working on that, by the way) than it'll be fine.) enough, than I should be able to just power through fifty thousand words like it was sitting on a beach drinking a pineapple and strawberry smoothie. Which sounds excellent right now.

So, I've got my plot. I've got my drive. What else do I need? Oh... the actual words themselves. You might be saying that it's super easy for me to write, and most of the time it is. I'm a highly verbose person. But every once in a while I just stare at the page for ever... and ever... and no words come to mind, and I'm still staring, and then my eye starts to twitch, and I start to sweat, and then... and then... I just close out of the program and go off to do something else.

But not this time. Not this November. This November I will be focusing. If it takes me 20 minutes to write 1000 words, than it should take me an hour and twenty minutes to write five thousand words. that's eighty minutes. Eighty minutes equals five thousand words. That'd be eight hundred minutes spent writing during the month of November. That's pretty cool. This is the reason why I love math.

Speaking of math, I have quite a bit of math homework which I need to get done this weekend. I don't mind, I've got quite a bit of time. There's nothing that I need to do this weekend except for homework, and planning for NaNo. Seems like it'll be a weekend well spent to me!

I think i'm out of substance now. That was pretty full, don'tcha think?

Keep Calm and Write Well