Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Access Denied

Gahhhhh. I'm siiiiiiick.

Not like *achoo* sick like *AHFREAKINGCHOOOOOOOOOOO* sick. I woke up Monday morning feeling stuffy and gross, and, well... I still feel that way.

Saturday I got my permit. Ridiculousness at that DMV.
  1. Go get form
  2. Go get picture taken
  3. Take receipt from picture back to lady who gave you the form
  4. Give her social security card and birth certificate
  5. Pay to take the test ("$40?")
  6. Sit on uncomfortable chairs
  7. Wait to take test
  8. Get called for vision test
  9. Go take actual permit test
  10. Pass permit test
  11. Wait to pay for actual permit
  12. Pay for actual permit
  13. Wait to take picture for permit
  14. Take picture for permit
  15. Wait for permit
  16. Receive permit.
  17. Rejoice!
Yay! So now I have a permit, and I can drive. I also have a ton of homework, and a cold. I just felt like sharing. And now I have shared. It's a bit after seven. My self-proclaimed bed-time is at eight. I need to get all my homework done before then. Gahhhh. Oh, and this guy on Jeopardy collects pocket protectors. Oy... Nerds these days. I guess it doesn't surprise me that he got the Star Wars question correct.

I am not the droid you're looking for...