Sunday, October 10, 2010

Morphemes of Another

I took a bunch of songs (over a hundred, at least) took lyrics from each to make a 1000 word free-write out of them. I'm really proud of the way it turned out.


I came to dance, and life's too short for me to stop. When all else fails and you long to be something better than you are today, throw out your cares and fly. Wanna go for a ride? We're burning down the highway skyline on the back of a hurricane. I know I’ll grow up someday, but it’s 2 AM. And only your love remains. Are you nervous? Spending your days away in space, thicker than air? Nervous hands and anxious smiles, I can feel you breathing. The smell of you in every single dream I dream. And when shoelaces are the ties that bind us, is at any wonder why you and I are anything but ordinary? You might wake up and notice you're someone you're not. And if your heart stops beating, I’ll be here wondering “Did you get what you deserve?” Keep your feet on the ground, smile big for everyone. Even when you know what they’ve done. I’m steppin’ on leprechauns wearing a brown polyester shirt, before we packed our bags and left all this behind us in the dust. But now I think you’ve gone and had your way. And the world is turning inside out, I’m floating around in ecstasy, but don’t stop me now. The stars that pierce the sky, jealousy, turning saints into the sea. So tell me, does she look at you the way I do? Our lives are changing lanes, you ran me off the road. Lie, lie to my face. Tell me it ain’t nothing. That’s what I wanna hear. Take the lie to the grave. That’s what an old friend told me. Look what it did for him. Mistakes become regrets. I’ve learned to love abuse. So did you fall for a shooting star? One without a permanent scar? And did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there? I don’t wanna waste my time, become another casualty of society. I’ll never fall in line, become another victim of your conformity. Let’s paint the town, we’ll shut it down. Put on your pretty lies, you’re in the city of wonder. Ain’t gon’ play nice, watch out you might just go under. Better think twice, your train of thought will be altered. So if you must falter be wise. Music comes on, people start to dance. You’re on a mission and you’re wishin’ someone could cure your lonely condition. The rotten sore on the face of mother earth gets bigger. I walk to the corner, to the rubble that used to be a library, line up to the mind cemetery now. Then again incidentally, if you’re that way inclined. Perfume came naturally from Paris, for cars I can’t care less, fastidious and precise. So why am I so afraid? Then you said my name. I tell you what I’m gonna do. You said you’d take me away, and take me along with you boy we’re on our way. But I’ve kept my heart under control, but lately all this time is takin’ it’s toll. I can’t hold back what’s deep in my soul. I love you and you’ll just have to know. So relax, take it easy. Because there is nothing that we can do. It’s like you’re a drug. It’s like you’re a demon I can’t face down. IT’s like I’m stuck. And I know I love you, and you have all the power. And I know the only the company I seek is misery all the time. I’m just a girl with a crush on you. Seventeen tracks and I’ve had it with this game. Hey you with the pretty face, welcome to the human race. I’m so pleased to be with you, look around see what you do? Everybody smiles at you. I’ve got a feeling that I don’t belong, I’ve got a feeling that I shouldn’t be here with you. I can’t stand another single day. I’ve got to get away. I’m stuck in the middle of what you are and what you want. What you want is nothing like who I am. No one else is like me, which means they can’t be trusted. I need some sleep… I can’t go on like this. I tried counting sheep, but there’s one I always miss. Everyone says I’m getting down too low, everyone says, I just gotta let it go. Something has changed within me. Something is not the same. I’m through with playing by the rules of someone else’s game. It’s time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and breathe. But it’s too cliché, I won’t say I’m in love. If there’s a prize for rotten judgment, I guess I’ve already won that. That’s ancient history, been there, done that. I can kill with a smile, I can wound with my eyes. I can ruin your faith with my casual lies. I can bring out the best and the worst you can be. I can feel your heart beat but I know you well enough not to speak. There’s things that I have done, you never, should ever know. And without you is how I disappear, and live my life alone forever now. Nervous and shy, for the moment we will come alive tonight. I’m calling out your name. Your face is everywhere. I’m reaching out to you to find that you’re not there. I wake up every night, to see the state I’m in. It’s like an endless part, I never seem to win. Because I feel like I’m inside out, you’ve got me upside down. So please stop sounding thirteen again, you know how much I hate this conversation. Why can’t you put it on the shelf? Gathering words the way I’m gathering all of your excuses, and throwing them all away. I can see the direction this is going in so, I’ve been here before. It’s no fun, because I know the only resolution is not in your favor. Everybody’s running, come back, now that everything is broken. It’s time to pick up the slack. Just save me from what the world has become as it comes crashing, with you and me with it, everybody’s running.