Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Days: Day 4/5

Eh, so I forgot one day. I'll consolidate. I'm saving the environment.

So today was a pretty good day. I think my parents got food poisoning at the wedding they went to last night. They're both super, duper sick and like... dying. Okay, so that's an extreme, but they're definitely sick, which is bad...

On a side note, I downloaded all of the episodes of The Guild onto my iPod, and have been fighting iTunes with swords for hours trying to get them EXACTLY as I want them in a playlist. It's very demanding. I'm feeling faint.

No reading... I'll read during the day. Maybe.

I have a lot to do this coming week. I need props. Prop list. Eh! MUST BE A GOOD STAGE MANAGER.

I'll start by going to bed...soon.

See? Consolidation complete.

PS: My iPod failed at accepting that I know more than it does. It self imploded. Crap.