Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Devices of Cruelty

I haven't written in quite a while... Not to say that I haven't been busy, but I could have made time, I could have not neglected this responsibility that I hold highly into consideration when I sit at a computer. The need to empty my thoughts will come to me eventually, and some time the urge is so strong, I just have to write.

Today, however is not one of those times. Not right now, at least. It is currently 6:30 AM on the briskly chilly morning of June 15th, 2010. I am wearing flannel black pajama pants and a gray shirt, and even though it is summer, my toes are freezing. I'm sure that this won't be the case when this gets published. I have a deep tendency to start writing when I don't really have time to, and then I save and go back and finish later, but by then my thoughts are so spread out across the canvas it's tough to determine one full thought from another.

Is there such a thing as a multi-thinker? I'm going to go out on a whim and assume that it would entail thinking of multiple things at the same time. I noticed it yesterday, when taking a World Studies test in class. I would begin one answer, and be writing it, knowing what I was writing, while thinking of the answer to another question. It was kind of weird, but maybe I was just more awake than usual, so that's why I noticed it.

Richter is back in full swing. I think this is when I'm the happiest; when it's Richter time. This school year didn't go exactly as planned... at all... Actually, Sophomore year sucked. There, I said it. Maybe it was the rush of finally being in high school that made being a Freshman so great, but Sophomore year definitely sucked.

As far as grades went, I didn't really accomplish my goal of "Straight A's!" When it would have been beneficial to me... But who cares about grades right? Colleges? Psh. I'm going to be on broadway. Yeah, take that dream and shove it in some dark remote corner of some desk where the paint is so far peeling that the layers underneath are pealing. It's never going to happen.

I don't know what happened during school; for some reason the competitive part of me that wanted to get such good grades, that used to get upset when I'd fail a test... It just got used to it and then it didn't care. I don't even get that sinking feeling at the bottom of my stomach anymore when I fail, I don't cry, I don't get upset, nothing. I just laugh at it, and almost flaunt it a little bit. And that's really, really not good. I'm going to have to fix that, and almost re-train my body to strive for better grades. Maybe it's the act of studying that preps me, tells me that I don't have to fail, and then I get excited because, well, I'm not going to fail! But I don't think I've studied for a test in months. I've just given up hope. No one has done anything about it, and the tests that actually mater (Algebra, English, World Studies) Those are my best subjects. Woot.

I don't know. I think I need some motivation... A competitive game, perhaps? I bet I'll do better on this test than you will. That could work, that way I could bring out my competitive side in a more realistic and responsible way. Definitely a plus...

On a side note, it is now not 6:30 in the morning, it is 4:30 in the evening. No, it did not take me that long to write these moderately irrelevant words, I had to go to school. But now I'm home, and I need to finish a project. Oh, woe is me.


So, I read this book recently. Very good, highly recommended. It was called Nefertiti. I absolutely loved it. Honestly, I had forgotten my passion for everything "Mummy-like" since I last watched the movie. Maybe I'll watch it on Friday when I get home. Of course, that will be extremely late... Eh, who cares. Anyway, it was about this queen, and this sister, and poison, and the baby, and the general, and the monkeys dressed like soldiers and Aten, and OMGFANGIRLSQUEAL.

Except I am not a fan-girl, nor will I ever be. Just for the record.

But anyway, I think it's fair to be a fan of a book that you thoroughly enjoyed. (For the record, no one has enjoyed Twilight. They've pretended that they did so they could be popular, but I've never met a legitimate person who absolutely adores Twilight. Now, there are people who do that with Harry Potter, but that's completely normal, so I have nothing more to say on that subject.)

But I picked it up at Target like a month ago, and we got assigned an IRP (Independent Reading Project. We get like, three a year) for the fourth quarter, so I figured I'd just read that one. We had to write a 2-3 page plot summary, and do two creative projects. I made a travel brochure about the city of Amanara, the city they build in the book, and also a newspaper, that's kind of like a timeline; following some of the important events in like "newspaper" form... I think they're turning out really well. I finished the plot summary today in school, and now I only have to do the other half of the newsletter. Which I think is amazing, considering I did these projects in like... Three hours total, and they're pretty badass if I do say so myself.

I'd like to talk about ice cream now. I know, completely irrelevant, but I'm really in like a "food ranting" mood. Why the hell do they insist on keeping the ice cream frozen solid when it's at the stupid grocery store? It's like trying to digest a rock! IT DOESN'T WORK, GROCERY STORE ATTENDANTS. TRY SOMETHING ELSE. Raising the temperature of the freezer, perhaps? But seriously. It's very annoying. And I think we need a new microwave; because we put ice cream in there for ten seconds and then it's the perfect temperature. I'm pretty sure that it should be melted if you put it in for like... ten seconds... But that's just me. Microwaves, ice cream problems. I'm a mess.

My eyes are like closing on me; I'm so exhausted. Oh, did I mention Super Intense Writing Comp? That's what I like to call it. SIWC? You try and write as many words as you can over the summer. Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun. My goal is around 100,000; but I might surpass that. *Technically* it started on the first of June, but I'm still in school, so this isn't exactly working out... I have around eleven thousand words at the moment though.

Is there anything else? I feel like there was something else... Maybe not. I have to go to Richter in a few hours. There's still spray paint on my hands. It. Won't. Come. Off.


Watch out for German Leprechauns; I hear they're vicious this time of year.