Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Monarchy of Roses

Today was interesting. I ate too much, but that's irrelevant. I need new books... And I also need to unpack things. And clean my room. I'm going to make a list. I haven't done that in a while.

  1. Finish unpacking boxes in my office.
  2. Attack Mt. Laundry.
  3. Update my iPod
  4. Get my iPod fixed by the "Geniuses"
  5. Face my fear of looking at my bank account balance
  6. Deposit my last 3 paychecks
  7. Get back on track
  8. Go to a bookstore
  9. Watch the Hairspray DVD
  10. Block The Princess and The Pea
  11. Block Hairspray
  12. Learn my song.
  13. Sleep more
  14. Work more
  15. Hang out with people more
  16. Read more
  17. Get a new phone
  18. Call my Dad
  19. Talk to my Mom
  20. Debate applying for supervisor over and over until my head explodes
As you can see, I'm quite busy. Fantastic. Well, you know. That's the way it goes for me. I went on a spending spree yesterday, and now I'm like, happy that I spent the money, because I really needed the items, so it's not like... buyer's remorse, but like... I dunno. I just feel bad for having spent it, but I'm glad I did... MEH.

For he was a man and he was alone and these things had no importance to him.