Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Cake Is A Lie

Well, according to Portal. Have you ever played Portal? It's actually a really, really cool game. I highly recommend it. I'll go into the physics of it a bit, actually, because I find them very interesting.

The game itself is from the first-person POV, and you control using the standard (wasd to move, mouse for portals, e to pick up, r to reload). You're the protagonist, Chell, who wakes up from a very, very long sleep and finds that she is in the Aperature Science Enrichment Center, where she is going to be "tested". So you go through nineteen tests, where you use your handy Portal gun. Here's how the gun works.

This was the best explanation I could find in picture form, though the colors are slightly off. They're blue and orange, really. Anyway, you go in one Portal, you come out the other one. It doesn't matter which one you go in, because you'll always come out the other portal. There's also stuff about speed and motion not being lost while in the portal (IE: If you put one on the ceiling, and one on the floor under it and jump in, you'll keep falling and gaining speed.) as well as being able to fling yourself using this to get to high ledges (See 3A/3B above).

So, the actual science behind the game is fairly cool, but then there's this whole thing about how "When you finish the test, there will be cake." However, GLaDOS (which stands for Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System), who has guided Chell through all test chambers with the promise of cake and grief counseling has become increasingly sinister, to the point where she tries to burn Chell at 4000 degrees. Using her nifty Portal gun, Chell escapes and manages to destroy four personality cores, along the way having to kill her only friend, Companion Cube. Of course, she also find out that the cake is a lie.

And now the game has come out with a sequel! I'm not going to go into details about it (partially because I don't know many since it's not finished downloading on Steam), so you can see for yourself what the game is all about. There are countless playthroughs on YouTube, and if you'd like to be my friend and play the Co-Op mode with me on Steam, my username is siobhann23.

Have a nice day.

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