Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Orange and The River Thames

Oy. Today was a long day. I guess I can't say was... the day is still going on technically. Let me rephrase.

Oy. Today was a long school day. There, that's better I suppose. Being a grammar nazi has it's advantages on occasion. Today, I'm trying out an experiment. I'm starting out each paragraph with the word "Oy." ...Alright, I guess it's not really a word. Superlative? Something like that. Hah, I have no idea. I just pulled that word out of no where. I have no idea what it means.

Oy, someone get me a dictionary. But it's really, really hot today. Why do I always wear pants on the hot days? Well, I wear pants every day. Hopefully. But I mean like... jeans. Um, nooooo. I shouldn't have worn them today.

So anyway... Whoops! Forgot to say Oy. Oh well... that was a stupid experiment anyway. There's this kid in my speech arts class who's like... paying attention to me. I mean, everyone pays attention to me, I'm a clown... and I take pride in that fact, because I'm probably the least sarcastic person you'll ever meet.

...That was sarcasm, darlings.

But this guy was paying attention to me, and... it was kind of nice. I forgot what that felt like. Haven't had a boyfriend since freshman year, kids. But he was really nice, and I really appreciated it. So, if you're ever reading this, boy. I noticed, and I appreciated it. Okay? Just know that. *Insert smile*

On a different field, I'm going to play some Fire Emblem to relax before I do my homework.

Have a nice rest of your day, see you tomorrow.